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Everyone wants to send one, no one wants to receive one.

Darkside Greeting Cards Inc., is a fun, edgy, mean, obscene, rude, nasty, offensive, raunchy, adult greeting card company.  Most card companies like to commemorate the happy and joyous occasions in peoples lives.  Not us.  Our cards offer a special and simple way to express a wish of misfortune. We cater to people and their darksides.  Send a DarkSide Greeting Card and express how you really feel. The perfect cards for ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, back-stabbing friends, rude bosses, mean neighbors, angry store clerks, or even your buddy at work. They also make great practical jokes.

We all know someone who deserves a greeting from the DarkSide.

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Item Number
Inside Text
Price (USD)
Item 666-001
Fuck you
$3.99 ea
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Item 666-002
You're a piece of shit
$3.99 ea
Item 666-003
$3.99 ea
Item 666-004
You should have been the
batch your mother swallowed
$3.99 ea
Item 666-005
You make me sick
$3.99 ea
Item 666-006
Wish you were dead
$3.99 ea
Item 666-007
I hate you
$3.99 ea
Item 666-008
Hope you never get well
$3.99 ea
Item 666-009
Hope you get diarrhea the
next time you're stuck in traffic
$3.99 ea
Item 666-010
Hope it sucks
$3.99 ea
Item 666-011
Hope you have a bad day
$3.99 ea
Item 666-012
You're an asshole
$3.99 ea
Item 666-100

*INTERNET SPECIAL* Boxed Set of 12 (1 of each card) $33.99
For that special someone. Send a card every month for a whole year!
It even comes with a birthday card!


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